Realtime Gaming Add Online French Roulette

Realtime gaming has added online French roulette to the special games. The first thing indicated about French Roulette is its difficulty and smoothness as compared to European Roulette and American Roulette. Software technology has made great strides in recent years and this is reflected in the visuals and features.

French Roulette is played in casinos in France. It is designed mostly like the European roulette with only one player zero on the wheel. The design is also same except that all numbers have a uniform background red and not red or black depending on the background color on the wheel.

The other reason that gives players RTG online casinos is getting used to that the bets are called in French. Even and odd become couple and harmful and are red and black become ruddy and noir.

The Neighbor and Call bets are characteristics of French Roulette. A button shows up the wheel design along with the all list of bets on offer. Bets can be chosen straight from the list and the chips will directly be placed on the layout. The main bets are tiers, voisins, red and black splits and orphelins. There are also other players at RTG online casinos which become known with them as to bet more and more.<

Many roulette players have rare and unique patterns on the basis of their lucky numbers. RTG French Roulette shows eight such models to be saved so that players can make the pattern on the layout to make a selection. Players must get the pattern on the layout and click the favorite’s button. They can name and save the configuration. Then the players can simply open favorites and click on the name of the desired pattern to the bet. RTG French Roulette also provides for the automatic reading of the kind found in its slots games.

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