Learn To Play Online Video Poker Game

History of Video Poker Game

Video poker derived from slot machines and poker games. Si Redd was the person who thought about video poker while working for a gaming industry where slot machines were made. Si Redd got the patent for video poker and he established a company of his own called Sircoma. He signed a deal with company Fortune Coin to manufacture video poker machines.

In 1981 video poker became one of the most popular games in every casino. Because of its huge success the company got well known in public and was called International Game Technology.

Initially it was proposed as Draw Poker but when some Jacks or Better video poker games came into existence it became more popular. Nowadays there are many modified versions of video poker games but Better or Jack is still most played by the people.

You can enjoy video poker games not only in casino houses but also in online casinos. People who love spending times on their phones can also play it as video poker games are available for mobiles also. There are so many different versions of games and pay tables used while playing the game that one can spend lots of hours there.

With the passage of time no doubt there have been huge changes in the game of video poker but still the strategies and tricks are the same as it was earlier.

How to play video poker

Video poker game is one of the most popular casino games. It can be find in every land based casinos and online casinos. Playing this game is easy. It is basically like 5 card draw poker.

First you need to insert the money in the machine, there are three chips of $5, $25, $100 click any of them to insert your money. After doing that you need to bet per hand this could be done according to the credit size. It is recommended to bet five credits per hand or you can bet according to your budget also.

Now click the deal button to start. You’ll get five cards click the card that you want to select you can also discard one or more cards and get new cards.

After all this you’ll be having your cards in front of you. Just like slot machines if you want to win huge amounts you must play maximum number of coins. Winning combinations have different payout methods that you can choose from. Straight, flush, full house and royal flush are some of the kinds. You must acquire Knowledge about the hands as that will help you to choose the best possible hand for winning combination.

Video poker also has many modified versions that provide variety in gaming and you can try your skills on them. You can also get a chance to win bonuses.

Bet maximum and win maximum that is video poker all about :)

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