Learn To Play Roulette Game

History of Roulette Game

Roulette means a small wheel in French. It is very simple and easy game and that feature make it one of the most popular casino games. You just need to bet on a figure or any number among 1 to 38 marked on the wheel. Then the ball and wheel will spin in opposite directions simultaneously. If the ball stops at the number that you have been selected, you’ll win the game.

There are different opinions about the origin of roulette game. One says that it was discovered by famous mathematician Pascal in 1655, when he was doing some experiments using a wheel and making it continuously moving. But today the roulette game is different somehow but people still associate it with Pascal.

Some says that the game was invented by Francois Blanc, the one who established the first casino in Monte Carlo. It is Blanc who added the number 0 in the wheel to increase the chances of the house in winning the game. In 1800 this game moved to US. In United States, one more 0 was added on the roulette wheel thus it increases the roulette odds. After some years roulette was added in the list of games mostly played at the casinos.

Today Roulette is called the King of Casino and very well known game in US and Europe. People have started learning the strategies and the tricks behind this game. You need to have strong luck and strategically sound mind to play fair and win the house.

How to Play Roulette Game

Roulette has two versions American roulette (thirty eight slots) and European roulette (thirty seven slots).Roulette tables have their own chips of different colors that help the dealer to distinguish one player from the other. Each player holds a different color chip and that colored chip holds a value as there are no separate marking. A stack of chips is placed on the table and the dealer put a lammer which indicates the total value of the chips.

As now you have your chips and you can go for betting one inside bet and other outside bet. Inside bet indicates the inner circle of the table on which you bet and the outside bet is the betting at the edges of the table. Then take the chips on which you want to bet. There is minimum value fixed for the table. Suppose the table minimum is $10 then you can’t bet more than this. You can go for red or black or even or odd number bets, the possibilities are huge. You can bet until the time dealer says no more bet. While the ball is spinning you have the chance to bet if the dealer agrees but once the ball stops the betting stops simultaneously. After the ball stops the dealer pay off the winners and get back the chips from the losers.

Roulette is a very simple game to learn. It’s a social game and draws a lot of players. Have fun earn money, Good Luck !!

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