Learn To Play Online Poker Game

History of Poker Game

In earlier times people use to play poker with a deck of cards having some of their friends around. With purpose of having some fun and some time for real money. With the passage of time casino houses developed and people started liking the ambience and enjoy gambling games. But the emergence of online poker has changed the traditional style of gaming.

During 1988 Jarkko Oikarinen, a software developer of Finland developed a program called Internet Relay Chat. Initially this program was used by military groups and other institutions for communication. After that it was being used for playing online poker. It was one of the finest programs as it provides real poker experience as if players are playing face to face. It attracted a lot of players as virtual money was used in this so you can’t lose anything but only gain some skills of playing.

In 1990’s Planet Poker, an internet casino was developed by Mike Caro who himself was a poker player and a also a good computer programmer. He provided the opportunity to the players to play poker for real money.

In earlier times the internet and computers were at their developing stages so it was a difficult to get large number of clients online. Advertisements showing advantages of online poker initially helped in its popularity. Nowadays every player knows what online poker is and how to play it. Online poker gives the same gaming experience as the casino houses give so why go out when it’s just about a mouse click far from, you just click and start playing poker.

How to play poker games

Poker game is basically a card game. It is really popular worldwide as it provides chances of yielding huge monetary rewards. Besides luck you need to understand the strategies and rules of poker to become a winner is this game. It needs practice as you must know what’s fair and unfair.

In the urge of winning a lot of players play every hand but be careful you might lose a lot of money in this too. So first have a look at the top ten best hands to play and then select always right hands to play instead of every hand so there are less chances of losing money.

Always keeps an eye over your opponents betting strategies that will help you in understanding the game. Bluffing is the strategy used by professional players but if you are in the beginners stage try not to attempt it unless you perfectly understand how to bluff your opponent.

Play according to your budget and your skill level. If you are a beginner don’t hesitate to avoid that table which you think have professional players. Always bet at low amount tables that give you a chance to practice more and lose less. But if you are a professional poker player then you know your skills you can try for higher level bets.

Poker game has many modified versions so try your hand on them so that you can judge yourself and get to know which version is most appropriate for you.

Poker is an exciting game but yet it’s not everyone’s cup of tea as you must have sound knowledge about its rules and techniques to be a perfect poker player. In the end every game has an end so you must know when and where to quit for safe play.

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