Online Keno Game

History of Keno Game

Keno is one of the oldest gambling games. It was basically a Chinese lottery system. At the time of wars there was shortage of money and to overcome this crisis the ruler Cheung Leung started this lottery in 200 B.C. It is believed that this lottery came out from a nursery rhyme called “The Thousand Character Classic”. As using some characters of this poem Keno game was made. The game was played by using 120 Chinese characters. Inter village lottery games were played and the result was delivered with the help of pigeons.

During 19th century this game was taken to America. As the lottery games were banned there .So Keno was called “Race horse keno” as to show it a horse racing game instead of a lottery system. When the government levied tax on horse race games then casinos again started it calling keno.

In China this game is played with 120 characters but in other countries it is played with 80 characters. Today this game is famous worldwide, played and enjoyed by many people daily. Online keno is also very popular among the online gamblers.

How to play Keno

Keno game was initially started in China and it moved to United States in the middle on 19th century and then moved on to other countries. In China it was played with 80 Chinese characters but in other countries it was played with 80 Arabic numerals. Almost every casino provides lounges to play keno.

Eighty balls having shape n size of a tennis ball and numbered from 1 to 80 are placed in a machine and out of them total of 20 balls are drawn out one by one. The lucky player who would have chosen the same numbers as drawn would get rewards accordingly.

Every casino has keno lounges where one can find keno tickets easily. There’s is special staff that passes the cards and deliver the amount of money received are called “Keno Runners”. These are picked up by the players who have winning tickets from the window or desk.

The Keno ticket is marked by black crayons. The player has to write the amount he’s playing for and the number of games wanted to play. After this the ticket is being submitted and the player gets a receipt which have the same numbers, amount and number of games as per marked by the player. Player can bet on a same number again for another game this is called “Multi Race Keno”. The results of the game are showed on the keno boards.

You need not to have skills for playing keno. It’s just a game of luck as which number will come out no one can predict. So try your luck on numbers and you could will gigantic amounts.

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