Learn To Play Online Bingo Game

History of Bingo

During 16th century in Italy there was a very well known lottery game played every Saturday which nowadays is called Bingo. When it reached France it has been called “Le Lotto”. It was played with cards having three horizontal and nine vertical columns. Each box contains a number from 1 to 90, 10 numbers in each row randomly. Every lotto card is different.

In a cloth bag ninety numbered chips were kept. And the Lotto callers would took out numbers one by one and call out that number. The players used to cover that number in their cards if appeared. The player who covers all the five numbers in horizontal row would win the game and the money. Many different games for children were being evolved from this game aimed to teach spellings and learn mathematical tables. During World War II soldiers used to pass their time playing a game called Housey Housey which was identical to lotto.

During 1920 this game crossed the oceans and started been called “Beano” now there were only five rows and five columns with 75 numbers. A central free space contained a unique number. The numbers were been covered with uncooked beans that’s why this was called so.

In 1960 it was being called Bingo in Britain but have the original 90 numbered format. But today both 75 and 90 numbered bingo games are offered. Bingo halls are famous in USA and UK. It is played worldwide also called tombola. This game is fun and easy to understand and play that’s why loved and played by masses.

How to play Bingo

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play. As the rules are very simple to understand .You need not to use any gambling tricks or any particular rules to win this game, only luck is needed here.

In bingo everyone have a card and marker. In the card there are vertical and horizontal columns, each column holds a number in random order. There is a free space in the center of the card that you need to cover with the marker. The host will start calling out the numbers one by one. Suppose the host calls out C-4. Then look at column C and check if you have number 4 there if yes put a marker over, if no your hard luck.

This way the host will continue calling out the numbers and letters you just need to place the mark accordingly. If you have marked the numbers in a pattern i.e. a straight line going horizontal or vertical or diagonal, just scream out BINGO. Now call out the numbers you have marked so that host can verify them. After numbers are verified collect your prize from the host.

Bingo is a simple but yet very interesting game as you can’t predict which number will be called out .So try out your luck in bingo and win lots of prize money.

So the game of bingo is now one of the most beloved online games. It’s not rare to see or to directly know people who spend a lot of time playing online bingo via iphone or even who play ipad bingo every day.

Because today the world of the online games has changed a lot and most games – if not all of them – have already their own online apps to down load so that you can access and play bingo game wherever you are. This is easy to do: you only need to look for a good app for online bingo then down load and install it on your device. Nothing more and nothing less. It all takes a few minutes and it will be much easier and faster to play bingo online from your iphone. You won’t miss anything more of your favorite bingo games and you will always take your game world with you in every moment. The nice thing in playing in an online game hall or even casino is that you don’t have to wait to find a free hall or table or slot because you are the only one protagonist of your gambling experience! No waste of time, no need to risk money because if you have a doubt you can live chat or email the client assistance service and get help! Playing has never been so nice and relaxing!

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