Two Most Loved Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casino gaming is popular like never before with a huge bevy of online gambling sites offering the very facility for their smartphone customers. The mobile casino games promise a great time pass and in recent times a fair number of smartphone gamblers have been able to land up with some magnanimous cash prizes. Thanks to the escalating popularity of smartphone gambling, the mobile casino industry has witnessed amazing developments in the gaming sector. The article here presents a short note highlighting on two of the most loved mobile gambling games reigning of late.

Thunderstruck 2 slot

Thunderstruck II is the sequel to the much admired and played Thunderstruck that released & won millions instantly in 2004. Thanks to the amazing popularity of the game amidst iGamers, the ace gaming software Microgaming came up with the noble plan to launch a sequel. The second installment that released a few years back is quite an escalated version of the original- whilst the Thunderstruck original came with standard 9 payline, 5 reel slot, the new one features a heightened 243 means to win!

The Thunderstruck II involves 4 bonus rounds, each of which would permit the player to game as popular characters from the famous Norse mythology. Commencing with Valkyrie, the gamer would progress to Loki, followed by Odin & Thor. It’s true that the second generation Thunderstruck is not exactly a latest developed being released in 2010- but the game hasn’t lost out on its charisma even by an inch, even in 2014. A huge number of premier virtual iPhone casinos offer Thunderstruck II.

Monopoly Bingo

If you are looking to try out some catchy bingo numbers on your smartphone without the feat of losing anything, there is the Monopoly Bingo for you. Fondly tagged as “Freemium”, Monopoly Bingo is a great mobile gaming app available on download for free. It’s produced by the esteemed gaming developer Electronic Arts and hence you can always be assured of a superlative gaming experience here. Yes, it’s true there is no cash affair involved but that doesn’t imply any compromise on the fun quotient of the game.

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